Get to Know ArtLiner

Spectrum Noir’s range of ArtLiner pens produce a professional, smooth and precise line every time.

A reliable, good quality fine-liner is an essential staple in any artist’s tool kit, ideally in a selection of point sizes. Fine-liners are indispensable for illustration and sketching or for outlining and detailing your marker-work.

Let’s take the lid off Spectrum Noir’s ArtLiner pens and take a closer look at what’s inside.


When choosing a fine-liner, a key feature to look for is the ability to overcolour or work alongside colour media without smearing.

ArtLiner ink is fully water-proof and marker-proof and dries almost instantly, it can be worked over immediately and will always stay put without smudging.

The ink is a high-quality Japanese pigment type, which means not only is it smudge-proof but it will also apply cleanly and smoothly, ensuring sharp accurate lines with no skipping or missed definition.

The pigment formulation also means the ink is acid-free and can be classified archival, meaning it is highly fade-resistant.


ArtLiners feature extremely high-grade Japanese metal fine-tips. Combined with the quality of the ink, this also helps ensure fluid, consistent delivery with a smooth tactile art surface feel.

The tips come in five line-weights, from a pin-sharp 0.05mm up to the heaviest and thickest at 0.8mm.

You will probably find yourself using the 0.3mm and 0.5mm most often, but with the full range to hand you’ll be well equipped for just about any art or design task.

In addition to its five standard point sizes, ArtLiner also comes with a super-fine point brush. This is great for sketching, enabling precise curvatures and tapered lines, as well as tightly formed hand-lettering.

Point Sizes:

●       0.8

●       0.5

●       0.3

●       0.1

●       0.05

●       Brush


These versatile pens are perfect for a variety of creative applications.

Here are just a few:

●       Sketching

●       Outlining

●       Fine detail

●       Calligraphy

●       Lettering

●       Journaling

●       Architecture

●       Design

●       Comic and Manga art