Watercolour with Metallic Markers

Watercolour with Metallics 1

About the range

The Spectrum Noir Metallic markers feature a premium water-based ink that’s been finely blended with special metallic pigment.

The result is an unbeatably opaque and flawless laydown of colour, perfectly balanced with an impressive sheen of metallic.

The water-based ink means these markers lend themselves beautifully to all sorts of watercolour techniques!

See how it's done

In this tutorial design team member Jo McKelvey will show you how to easily use your markers, a few supplies, and a waterbrush to create a stunning effect!

Watercolour with Metallics 2

Gather Your Supplies

Needed for this project:

Metallic markers
dark cardstock
stamp of your choice
Versamark or other watermark ink pad
embossing powder
heat tool
waterbrash or paintbrush and pot of water
kitchen roll/paper towel


Watercolour with Metallics 3

Getting Started

Step 1:

Ink your image with watermark ink, stamp onto dark carstock, then heat emboss.

Step 2:

Apply a little bit of marker directly to the card, being careful to colour only up to the embossed image - not over.

Watercolour with Metallics 4

Adding water

Step 3:

Working quickly so the ink does not dry, use a waterbrush (or a wet paintbrush dipped in water) drag the colour out.

Watercolour with Metallics 5

Continue adding colour

Step 4:

Colour each section individually so the ink does not dry. Once it dries it won't move with water! 

Step 5:

Continue with the additional colour(s) you have chosen, repeating the above steps.

Watercolour with Metallics 8

Create a background

Step 6:

Scribble a little bit of each colour on a glass mat (or other non-porous surface - an acrylic block or a bit of plastic packaging will wok) and add a puddle of water.

Step 7:

Pick up the colour with your water brush and "splat" it at your card by tapping it over the cardstock. Keep going until you are happy

Step 8:

Do not wipe away the extra ink and puddles of water. Use a fresh piece of cardstock to press directly down on them. This will create a custom-coloured piece of shimmery cardstock. Set aside to dry (note: see results below in Step 11)

Watercolour with Markers 6

Step 9:

Colour directly on the sentiment of your choice using a Metallic marker.

Step 10:

Stamp the sentiment directly on to your cardstock.

Watercolour with Metallics 7

Add the final touches

Step 11:

Finish your card as desired. The hearts & shapes were die cut using the previously made custom shimmery cardstock!