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Watercolour with AquaTint Inks

AquaTint inks are a fun and alternative way to colour your images! This tutorial will focus on how to use them like watercolour paints, which is an easy and on-trend technique for creating art.

Use this technique to create a full background for your art or use it to create custom-coloured designs for small pieces as shown in the tutorial below!

Create the Watercoloured Background

First, fully saturate some watercolour card with water and using your syringes drop some colours of AquaTint inks into the water

Continue adding drops of colour until you are happy with the results.

Next, add more water to the card.

Add a few more droplets of colour as desired.

Finally, pat dry with some kitchen paper or other dry, clean cloth.

Add More Colour

Optional: add a few more smaller drops (in different colours) and leave to completely dry.

The background should look similiar to this at this stage.

Finish Your Art!

Once completely dry, place your card in your printer and print your image directly over the background. Print another copy of your image on plain card.

Alternatively if you are using a stamp, stamp the image directly onto the background, then again onto plain card.

Cut the areas out from the image which you want to layer over your design.

Colouring a St. Patrick’s Day image

This image was coloured with Illustrator markers.

The watercoloured bits from the background were adhered on top of the plain card!

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Tutorial credit: Jo McKelvey

Aquatints used – 25, 05, 22
Skin – FS7, TN1, TN3, TN4, TN8, CR3
Hair – B04, TN5, TN7, TN9
Green – JG7, AG3
White – blender, TB1, IG3, IG5

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