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Vintage Aquablend 1

Vintage Watercolouring with Aquablend Pencils

Design Team member Martha Lucia Gomez has created a fabulous tutorial to demonstrate how to use our Aquablend 'Essential' collection to work perfectly for a vintage colour theme.

About Aquablend Pencils

Our AquaBlend pencils are highly pigmented and fully water-soluble. They produce strong lines and bold colours that will blend and diffuse effortlessly with no residue or staining.Each pencil has a class-beating 4mm thick core of pure artist’s grade pigment. You’ll get an absolutely flawless laydown of colour, and be able to achieve perfect, smooth gradations of colour. They can be used on dry paper, then washed over with water for an immediate blended effect.

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Vintage Aquablend 1

Step 1

Stamp the main image onto watercolour paper using a red watercolour ink. Harmony Water Reactive Chinese Red by Spectrum Noir is a great colour for this project.

Vintage Aquablend 1

Step 2

The Essentials AquaBlend Collection by Spectrum Noir is ideal to colour skin, hair and soft tones but you can use the Apricot and Coral AquaBlend pencils for Poinsettia petals. Apply the colour near to the stamped lines or ink lines. With a water or paint brush and water mix the colours and distribute it around the petals.

Vintage Aquablend 1

Step 3

Continue colouring the image using Nutmeg and Ginger for the leaves.

The photo on the right shows that you can enhance some vines of the petals with the Nutmeg colour. Dilute the colour with the paint brush and water.

Vintage Aquablend 1

Step 4

For the vintage branches, use Tobacco, Black Umber and Umber. As the Harmony Ink is water reactive when you blend your pencil this will mix the colours and you will obtain a soft touch of red that will add a good definition of each branch.

Then finish the card as desired!

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