Video: Faux Bleaching with AquaTint Brush Pens

Faux Bleaching Happy Birthday AquaTint pens

About the Range

AquaTint pens are filled with bright water-soluble dye-based ink, dispensed through a fine nylon brush. Their colours can be applied as accurately or freely as you want, then blended out with water for an amazing result every time.They are perfect for a wide range of Mixed Media and distress background effects.

See How It's Done

Learn a faux-bleaching technique with our new AquaTint brush pens in this video tutorial from in-house design team member David Falcon-Schneider! This technique can be used to create stunning backgrounds for papercraft and mixed media projects, as well as lovely additions to home decor!

Watch the video below to see how he did it by following the steps below. Try it yourself and be sure to share the results with us by tagging #spectrumnoir on Instagram, posting on our Facebook page, or sharing on Pinterest

Faux Bleaching with AquaTint Brush Pens