Using Reinkers On Ceramic Bowls.

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How to Ink Ceramic Bowls - Decor Tips

By Bridget Pagels (BridgetByDesign)



Items Needed:

  1. Plastic tarp or protective surface covering
  2. Disposable gloves (optional but helpful)
  3. Ceramic item
  4. Plastic cling wrap
  5. Spectrum Noir Alcohol Inks (marker ink refills)


  1. Take a piece of plastic cling wrap and place it flat on the table
  2. Select alcohol inks (usually 2-4 colors) and drop inks all over the plastic wrap. Distribution isn’t important--feel free to just have fun with it
  3. Once all of the alcohol ink colors are on the plastic wrap, place ceramic bowl on top, and pull the plastic wrap up over the sides


(Colors used here: BP6, BP3, & TB3)


  1. Make sure the plastic wrap and colors cover the entire surface area of the outside edges of the bowl


  1. Set aside for about 48 hours to let the inks dry

  1. After 2-3 days, take the cling wrap off and observe all of the unique patterns created by the plastic


  1. Optional: Coat ceramic bowl in epoxy resin to preserve the inks, prevent them from being rubbed off, and create a glossy finish.


SN Products Used:

Blue Dish: TB8, TB3, & LV3

Magenta Dish: TB3, BP6, & BP3

Green Dish: GT3, BT4, & VB3

Pink & Gold Dish: BP3, BP4, & BP7

Orange Dish: CT2, OR2, & BP1

Red Dish: DR3, DR7, DR1

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