Meet the artist - Muris

Inspired by the light and shade of modern life, German artist Muris uses his graffiti art to search for and show the hidden beauty of things often overlooked as ‘ugly.’

He is one of the artists we worked with to curate and build the Meet The Artist - Graffiti Bundle, filled with 32 markers plus a premium marker pad, so you can explore your own world through graffiti art!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background as an artist.

I don’t know if I’m an artist but my name is Patrick and I’m from Wuppertal. It’s a small, unique little city in the centre of Germany with a tram hanging on the rails over the river.  

When I was a child, I used to paint all the walls, books and photos in my parents’ home. So I think graffiti was something I was into very early! I was always interest in all kinds of art, especially anything edgy. Listening to punk rock, watching controversial movies, enjoying the illegal artworks created by kids spray painting walls in the streets. I was always interested in all kinds of subcultures like punk, hip hop, graffiti and skateboarding.

What inspires you and where do you look for inspiration? 

There are many writers I like very much and everything was already out there long before I tried to create my own letters in styles I considered as ‘dope’. So, I can’t tell which one graffiti artist was the most inspirational for me. I’m also always inspired by all kinds of subcultures. 

But, what does always inspire me is going through the streets with open eyes, absorbing everything that catches me, even if it’s trash. I like to search for the beauty in ugly things. Like smoky industrial lost places, big city ugliness or a bad graffiti tag from a kid who just found an old marker to write something indecent on the wall. Even poverty, I hate to see people suffer but there’s always something you can see there, it can open your eyes and make you think.

Which medium do you work with the most and why?  

I’m very excited to try new medias, techniques or whatever. At the moment, the best things for me are alcohol markers because the colours are amazing and possibility of fading is awesome.

What advice would you give aspiring artists?

Try to be open to everything. There is beauty in the darkest, ugliest, most messed swamp you can imagine. You just have to bring it to the right context. 

How would you describe your style?

I don’t really know how to describe my style. It’s not that individual I think. I always try to do new things and explore new techniques. There are not many other artists I’m in contact with, I just do what I like or what I’m able to. Maybe I’m just searching for what fits me best? I don’t think I’ll notice when I’ve found it. I don’t think that one day, I’ll wake up and say ‘yeah, that’s it!’

I’ll always continue to explore new stuff, I think there is never a level where you are absolutely fine with your work.

If you could be anything besides an artist, what would you be, and why?

So, unfortunately I can’t live from just my artworks.  I have to be something else besides an artist, so I became a designer and film maker. Now, we can discuss if that’s also a kind of art, but if I could be anything besides that, I would do something in movie production because I’m a total movie freak.

 Meet The Artist - Graffiti Art 32pc Marker and Pad Bundle 

Includes the complete 24-piece collection of Spectrum Noir TriBlend Brush Markers in a full rainbow of colours. 

Each marker holds three blendable shades that will layer and combine perfectly, bringing flawless, realistic depth and dimension to your work.

Create seamless blended transition from light to dark, perfect for ombre effects often seen in graffiti art.

Three brush nibs in each marker, a portable palette that’s perfect for putting pen to paper on the move or wherever inspiration strikes. 

Dual Tipped Illustrator Marker in True Black, filled with alcohol-based dye ink for bold, streak free sweeps. 

Six-piece ArtLiner set for pin sharp outline work.

Each ArtLiner is filled with quick drying ink that is water-proof and marker-proof - so your work will be smudge and smear free! 

Premium Marker Paper pad, the best blank canvas with an ultra-smooth surface to make alcohol-marker colour appear extra clean and punchy.

The Meet The Artist - Graffiti Art 32pc Marker and Pad Bundle includes: 

  • Spectrum Noir TriBlend Brush - Complete Collection 24-pc
    • Dark Red Blend
    • Coral Blend
    • Burnt Orange Blend
    • Gold Yellow Blend
    • Citrus Green Blend
    • Alpine Green Blend
    • Light Green Blend
    • Dull Green Blend
    • Jade Green Blend
    • Green Turquoise Blend
    • Blue Turquoise Blend
    • True Blue Blend
    • Hydrangea Blend
    • Purple Blend
    • Pink Violet Blend
    • Magenta Blend
    • Bright Pink Blend
    • Gold Brown Blend
    • Tan Blend
    • Earth Brown Blend
    • Brown Grey Blend
    • Ice Grey Blend
    • Fair Skin Blend 
  • ArtLiner by Spectrum Noir Black 6pc
    • 0.8
    • 0.5
    • 0.3
    • 0.1
    • 0.05
    • Brush
  • Spectrum Noir 9x12 Premium Marker Paper Pad
  • Illustrator by Spectrum Noir Single Pen -True Black 

You’ll also receive two Spectrum Noir Pen Trays. These sleek storage devices have been designed to keep your markers visible and accessible as you work, and they will stack up to keep everything organised as your collection grows. 

Download a line art drawing here to have a go at colouring one of Muris' designs for yourself and share your results to our Community Gallery