Meet Jazza

We’re so excited to be partnering with amazing artist and global YouTube star, Jazza to create an exclusive Pro Artist Series Collection for Spectrum Noir!

This limited edition set features a complete selection of markers, pencils and pens - all handpicked by Jazza himself. 

He has also worked with us to carefully curate the colour palette so that all of the Illustrator Markers, Artliner Pens and ColourBlend Pencils work together seamlessly to reflect his own unique style.

Jazza's Pro Artist Series Collection

Inside the beautifully presented box you’ll find more than 50 professional grade markers, pencils and pens plus perfectly matched paper and original designs created just for us by Jazza.  

Available for a limited time only, the exclusive Pro Artist Collection has everything you need to take inspiration from this amazing artist to sketch, colour and find your own style. 

Artists and colourists alike will know Australian-based artist Jazza from his YouTube channel, Draw with Jazza. As well as creating inspiring and fun tutorials, Jazza likes to challenge himself to try new things in the world of art and creativity - making his one of the most popular and best-loved channels worldwide! 

Here's Jazza to tell you a bit more about himself!

G’day ladies and gentlemen! 

Nice to meet you, I’m Josiah Brooks - better known to the art world as Jazza! 

Let me tell you, I’m super excited to be teaming up with Spectrum Noir to create my Pro Artist Series Collection. I’ve had so much fun putting it together and I think you’re really gonna love it .

But before I get carried away with what’s inside this new collection (I could talk for a long while about the pens…), I thought it’d be cool to tell you all a bit about  how I got here.


Name: Josiah Brooks

Based in: Australia 

YouTube: Jazza 

Instagram: @JazzaStudios

Facebook: JazzaOfficial

I’ve been interested in art all my life 

I know it’s such a cliched answer from an artist. But, I have such vivid memories of being in painting activities in kindergarten and realising I could paint stick men fighting. I immediately tried to fit as many stick figures onto my page as possible! They were jumping from airplanes, fighting, flying, bouncing - the possibilities were endless! I just couldn’t understand why my classmates weren’t as excited as I was.

The good, the bad and the creative at highschool

When I started high school, I didn’t have any friends so I kept to myself and drew pictures. I quickly discovered that I had a real passion for art. In particular for making characters and inventing stories before finding a way to tell those stories through online communities and among my peers.

Art for enjoyment

On my Draw with Jazza channel I aim to celebrate art, creativity and community - the joy of creating something! I enjoy the feeling of starting off with nothing - a blank canvas or a lump of clay and creating something that didn’t exist before. I love  taking ideas or challenges that seem abstract at first but by giving them a physical representation through art they become real and solid. Like they’ve always existed and I just introduced them to the world.

Finding a signature style

Although I’ve never consciously sought to create a style of art myself, it just kind of happens! As you soak in work from artists you are inspired by and seek to learn from, your own instincts and influences kick in to create something fresh. 

I’ve always been more drawn to sharp-edged illustrative styles like that of Patrick Brown or the animation in Treasure Planet and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. My style hints at flavours like this but also has flavours of the early 2000s Flash era of animation as well as my own instincts.

Creating a Pro Artist Series

When I reviewed Spectrum Noir tools for the first time, I was blown away by the versatility and consistent high quality. Since then we’ve worked together to develop this kit and I am beyond excited to partner with them! 

With this collection of Spectrum Noir markers, pencils and paper I wanted to walk a careful balance between accessible and premium. With the quality and versatility of these products I feel that there is something for artists who want to be professional as well as artists who are already operating at a professional level.