Meet the Pro Illustrator - Tatiana Kuvaldina

Talented artist, Tatiana Kuvaldina has a world of colour and inspiration at her fingertips. 

She is a pro when it comes to adding colour to her artworks and worked with Spectrum Noir to create step-by-step tutorials. Tatiana also provided the line-art and expert instruction for the Illustration Discovery Kit and Art of Illustration Advanced Discovery  Kit. 

Artist Profile:

Name: Tatiana Kuvaldina

Based in: Germany

Instagram: @tkuva_illustrates

What are your origins in art? 

I have been creating for as long as I can remember. It’s an integral part of my life. I was around seven when I started my art education. Slowly but steadily, art school became a second home to me, a place where I wanted to go even when I didn’t have any classes.

What inspired you to start creating? 

I believe there was always that desire in me to breach the gap between my imagination and reality. I do not have one particular bright memory of me drawing as a kid, to which I can pinpoint my eagerness to create. Instead, I remember drawing whenever and wherever I could: while waiting for my Mom to finish her work, at home sitting at the table or even lying on the floor.

What do you enjoy about the process? 

There is something magical about giving shape to an idea. I love watching how a blank piece of paper becomes alive with lines and colour until the artwork is born. My favourite part of work is adding colour. Everything that comes before is a foreword. I immerse myself into colour, combining hues and building up a picture. Step by step a colour story comes together better than I envisioned it.

How long have you worked in this particular style?

Around four or five years ago, I discovered alcohol-based markers. It was love from the first artwork. I could not stop drawing with markers ever since and don’t want to.

What’s your top tip for creating art in your style? 

Be curious, and don’t be afraid to mix colours. For example, when you combine yellow-orange and purple from the kit, you’ll get a beautiful warm brown.