Meet the Artist - Finding Light by Matt in Black Illustration

Matt Brennan, the Yorkshire based artist behind Matt in Black Illustration, creates pin-sharp and amazingly detailed pieces inspired by the natural world. 

Using fine liner and ArtLiner pens, Matt creates monochromatic pen work on paper before building colours and textures digitally. 

But with his latest piece, Finding Light, Matt created a second edition using Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers to add colour, depth and dimension. And we’ve curated a bespoke Meet the Artist Matt Brennan - 24 Spectrum Noir Illustrator Marker Bundle to inspire you to try out the same technique! 

Here’s Matt to take you through his creative process… 

"I first came across Spectrum Noir when I was looking for a new set of Fine Liner pens. Since then I have used the Artliner pens to create the intricate line drawings, to upload digitally for my illustrations.

Spectrum Noir challenged me to create a piece of Artwork using their Illustrator Markers. They colour matched 24 Markers from my ‘Finding Light’ project, that was originally coloured using digital software. 

I created the linework and printed the outline on to Premium Alcohol Paper. Then I got to work on adding bold colour using the flexible brush nib. At first I was tentative and added the colour in short strokes. I soon realised that to get a maximum blend I could layer up the ink without damaging the paper and this is what gave the most seamless effect. What I loved about these markers is that I could keep working the ink until I was happy with the outcome. I was also surprised at how many colours that I could achieve with the bespoke set of just 24 colours. The team at Spectrum Noir handpicked the shades with such precision that it was easy to work out where the colours could be used with the most impact."

Meet the Artist Matt Brennan - 24 Spectrum Noir Illustrator Marker Bundle

  • The 24 Illustrator Markers included in the Meet the Artist Matt Brennan bundle have all the colours  you need to create your own out of this world artwork
  • You can also mix countless new hues and create tones, tints and shades.
  • Produce a seamless gradation of shade by layering the same colour on top of itself - perfect for subtle changes in colour
  • Add grey to any colour, to reduce the vibrancy and create a tone 
  •  Practice your blends and shades on a piece of blank paper before applying to your artwork 
  • Illustrator’s dual tip design means you can switch seamlessly between broad brush strokes and detailed, super fine flicks - perfect for creating textured fur effects.

The meet the artist bundle includes the following colours:

Starfish, Poppy, True Blue, Neon Orange, Deep Pink, Salmon, Mimosa, Petrol Blue, Sorbet, Ice Grey 7, Portrait Pink, Waterfall, Black Blue, Heather, Ice Grey 9, Rose Blush, Rose, Periwinkle, Mint Blue, Blue Grey 1, Blue Grey 5, Ice Grey 3, Ice Green and Antique Plum 

You’ll also receive two Spectrum Noir Pen Trays. These sleek storage devices have been designed to keep your markers visible and accessible as you work, and they will stack up to keep everything organised as your collection grows. 

Download a line art drawing here to have a go at colouring ‘Finding Light’ for yourself and share your results to our Community Gallery