Manga Robots

Step by Step Guide

Join comic book artist and Manga master, Nicola Yau to learn the techniques behind adding colour and dimension to comic art using Classique and Illustrator markers. 

Step 1.

Starting off with the Navy Blue Illustrator marker fill in the eyes, leg and hand light panels of the robot at the top and the robot at the bottoms hand lights.

Step 2.

With the Amethyst Illustrator marker create some shadow in the blue areas just placed down.

Step 3.

Using the Cocktail Pink Illustrator marker fill in the areas indicated on the areas of the robot and the off-page character's arm making sure to leave the areas for highlights out. Place a few extra layers of the same colours on the areas that are darker.

Step 4.

With the Amethyst Illustrator marker lightly colour over the Cocktail Pink areas to create shadows as can be shown on the image.

Step 5.

Next use the Dandelion Classique marker to fill in the areas of the goggles for the robot on the bottom and the hair on the right from the female off-page.

Step 6.

You can now use the Saddle Brown Classique marker to place down the shadows of the yellow areas just coloured.

Step 7.

The bulk on the metal areas of the base or 'skin' of the robots can be filled in using the Blue Gray 2 Classique marker. Make sure to leave the areas of white out to portray the shiny areas.

Step 8.

Now we can put some of the shadows down for the metal areas using the Navy Blue Illustrator marker. You can put one layer of this down or build up more in certain areas that may be darker.

Step 9.

With the same Navy Blue marker fill in the hair of the robot on the bottom, making sure to put more layers down on the darker areas.

Step 10.

The Cocktail Pink Illustrator marker can be used to create shadows for the hair just placed down.

Step 11.

For the areas of accessories on the robot on the bottom such as the goggles and the belt, fill in with the Saddle Brown Classique marker.

Step 12.

Create the shadows on these areas using the Amethyst Illustrator marker as shown.

Step 13.

 Using the same Amethyst colour fill in the remaining main areas of the robots excluding the eyes of the bottom robot.

Step 14.

 With the Violet Illustrator marker lighten some of the areas of the Amethyst that was just placed to add some shine. Use the Cocktail Pink Illustrator to provide the shadows for these areas. 

Step 15.

Use Leaf Green Illustrator marker to fill in the robot at the bottom's eyes and mouth.

Step 16.

Dandelion Classique marker can be used to highlight the centre areas of the eyes and mouth to give a slight shine.

Step 17.

To provide some shadow to these areas use the Navy Blue Illustrator marker for the required areas.

Step 18.

 Going back to the Leaf Green Illustrator marker you can now fill in the leaves in the background fully.

Step 19.

Cast the highlights for the leaves with Dandelion Classique marker focusing on the upper right area.

Step 20.

 Navy Blue Illustrator marker can then be used to fill in the shadows for the leaves.

Step 21.

Colour in the banister with Saddle Brown Classique marker. There isn't any need to leave out areas for the highlights.

Step 22.

Instead you can use the Dandelion Classique colour to create the highlights required in the upper right areas.

Step 23.

Now you can use the Amethyst Illustrator colour to present shadows on the banister.

Step 24.

 Next, you can finally fill in the border with the same Amethyst colour.

Step 25.

Lastly, to finish use a Navy Blue Illustrator marker to fill in the areas of the 'BEEP' and 'BOOP' text!