Fancy crafting a homemade Christmas this year? Why not join Sara Davies for a live craft show to get creative, crafty and super Christmassy! 

Craft Your Christmas is packed full of inspirational festive fun as Sara gets hands-on to help you make your own gifts, garlands, cards and crackers. 

Sara will be travelling around the UK for a three week tour in November and December. Take a look at the tour dates below, it’s the perfect way to start the Christmas season!

As well as impressing your friends and family with handmade cards and gifts, crafting comes with so many amazing benefits! 

Taking time out of your busy day to focus on the process of making something is a great way to exercise mindfulness, relax and unwind. You’ll also discover hidden creativity and skills you never knew you had! 

If you’re totally new to craft but keen to get hands on, take a look at our Getting Started section for everything you need to jump straight in! And for amazing craft inspiration every day, look no further than Crafter’s TV…