Couture Fashion with 12 Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers 

Fashion Illustrator Olivia Elery creates the most stunningly elegant designs and works with high-end clients such as Louis Vuitton and Tiffany. 

Olivia’s vision inspired us to create the Spectrum Noir Illustrator - Couture Fashion Bundle. This is a 12-piece collection of  Illustrator alcohol markers that will roll out the red carpet to the world of fashion illustration and art. 

Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers - Couture Fashion Bundle

  • The Couture Fashion bundle includes luxurious purples, soft pinks and a range of rich and opulent hues
  • With these 12 colours you can mix countless new hues and create tones, tints and shades
  • Produce a seamless gradation of shade by layering the same colour on top of itself - perfect for subtle changes in colour 
  •  Create depth and dimension in your fashion illustration 
  • Blend and shade colours to produce highlights and lowlights for texture and volume in your fabric design 
  • Colours are also included to create warm skin tones for your models 
  • Illustrator’s dual tip design means you can switch seamlessly between broad brush strokes and detailed, super fine flicks.  Perfect for creating different textures!

Included in the Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers - Couture Fashion Bundle

Cranberry, Hot Pink, Hazelnut, Ice Grey 9, Cocktail Pink, Portrait Pink, Caramel, Linen, Wisteria, Ice Grey 2, Poppy and Burgundy Illustrator markers.

Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers

Each Illustrator marker is dual-tipped, combining an accurate super-fine nib with a flexible yet precise Japanese brush. Made from high-grade vinyl polymer with a reinforced inner core, the Illustrator brush offers fluid line control with durable professional performance.

Illustrator’s premium alcohol-based dye ink offers seamless streak-free coverage with effortless blended effects.

The translucent show-through of the colours means they can be layered individually to increase depth and opacity. Or layered over each other to produce additional hues, tints and shades.

If you want to expand your collection and try new colour combinations and blends, why not Mix and Match 12 more colours? Buy 12 Illustrator or 12 Classique Spectrum Noir Markers and receive a free Pen Tray!