Art Marker Techniques: Transitioning between two colours from the same family

Versatile, accessible, and with an almost endless array of creative applications, art markers are a unique art medium. 

The natural show-through of the alcohol ink inside each marker means you can overlap and transition seamlessly between colours.

For example, different shades from the same colour family, (eg. blues) will create a smooth and natural transition. Here’s how:

  • Start by applying the lightest colour
  • Apply the darker colour, partially overlap onto the lighter colour
  • Add the lighter colour over the boundary between the two until you’re satisfied with the result.

Blending two colours from the same family will elevate your artworks by adding seamless shadow and dimension. Give it a try and experiment with Classique and Illustrator markers on a spare sheet of paper before transforming your artworks with beautiful blended colour. 

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