Art Marker Techniques: Layering a lighter colour over a darker colour

As well as layering colour to intensify and deepen the shade, you can also use art markers to lighten a colour. 

Layering a lighter marker colour over a darker one will reduce the shade. The lighter marker acts to ‘wash out’ some of the darker ink because light coloured markers have a higher content of alcohol in the ink.

The more ink you apply the more colour is washed out and the lighter your finished effect will be. If you layer your colours when the ink is wet the effect is stronger. 

Take a look at our video guide to see this clever art marker technique in action.

This technique is easy to master and is a straightforward way to add highlights and create a sense of realism in your artwork. Pick up a Classique, Illustrator, or TriBlend marker to try it out yourself.

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