Art Marker Techniques: Creating a three-colour gradient

Art markers offer a range of techniques and effects that simply cannot be achieved with regular markers or felt pens. 

The slightly translucent nature of the alcohol ink provides natural show-through. By overlapping you can transition seamlessly between multiple shades to create a three-colour gradient.

A smooth gradation of colour, seamlessly transitioning from light to dark, is a great way to elevate your work with depth and dimension. Here’s how:

  • Start by applying the lightest colour.
  • Take your medium colour and partially overlap the lighter colour when applying
  • Apply the darkest colour, partially overlapping the medium colour.
  • With the lightest colour, apply over the boundary between the light and medium colour until smooth
  • Repeat the previous step using the medium colour over the boundary between medium and dark
  • Apply additional layers to smooth the transition until you’re happy with the result

It’s worth experimenting with this effect on a spare sheet of paper before applying it to your artwork. Spectrum Noir TriBlend Markers are ideal for this technique. Each pen includes three colours, light, mid and dark, carefully chosen to blend seamlessly together.

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