Art Marker Techniques: Correcting mistakes with a blender pen

With Spectrum Noir’s range of Classique, Illustrator and TriBlend alcohol markers, any aspiring artist can quickly master professional techniques.  

But mistakes can happen to anyone, and when they do it’s good to have few tricks up your sleeve!

When applying rich sweeps of colour with art markers it’s easy to occasionally stray outside the lines. No need to start your work again though, with a Spectrum Noir Blender Pen you can easily correct colouring mistakes. 

  • Wash out as much ink as you can, let it dry. It’s always easier to correct mistakes when the ink is still wet.
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the process. 

It’s worth always keeping a Spectrum Noir Blender Pen on hand to keep your finished pieces crisp and mistake-free! 

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