Art Marker Techniques: Colour Order

The blendable nature of alcohol ink means that with Spectrum Noir art markers you can apply a range of blended, layered and mixed hues and shades to your artwork. 

Did you know that the order in which you mix colours will affect the end result? The top colour is the decider and affects how the colour mixture will look.

Take a look at our video guide to see the difference colour order can make: 

In this example the same two Spectrum Noir art marker colours are used, Cyan and Tulip. 

  • When the pink is layered on top the mixed colour appears purple
  • When the blue is layered on top the mixed colour appears violet 

With over 200 colours available across the Classique, Illustrator and TriBlend ranges the number of potential combinations is nearly without limit. 

Why not experiment with colour order to find something new for your next project?

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