Art Marker Techniques: Colour application

With Spectrum Noir art markers you can lay down blocks of streak free colour. Each super satisfying stroke produces perfectly uniform coverage that looks more like paint or print. 

The reason for this is the premium alcohol based dye ink inside each marker. The fast-drying alcohol base combines with the translucency of the dye colourant to deliver an ultra-smooth laydown of colour. 

Whether you favour a bold chisel tip or an expressive brush nib, here are some top tips and to improve your technique for streak free colour laydown. 

  • Move your marker back and forth, overlapping your strokes for better ink distribution.
  • Work quickly so the ink doesn’t have time to dry and is evenly spread on the paper. 
  • When colouring regular shapes, draw a partial border first. This is an easy way to avoid mistakes such as colouring out of the lines.

You can choose a Spectrum Noir dual-tipped art marker according to your chosen style or the effect you want to achieve. Classique is the perfect all-rounder with its classic broad and fine nib combination for colouring and design. Whilst for a more expressive artistic result, the Illustrator marker’s premium brush is ideal.

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