Anatomy of a Pen: Classique & Illustrator

Versatile, colourful and easy to use, alcohol markers open up so many creative opportunities for artists and colourists alike. 

The translucent quality of the alcohol-based dye makes these markers ideal for  building up layers of vivid colour and laying down seamless blends. 

Spectrum Noir’s range of high-performance alcohol markers create professional results in a variety of applications including sketching, illustration and blending.

Let’s take the lid off Spectrum Noir’s Classique and Illustrator alcohol markers to take a closer look at what’s inside. 

Classique: What's inside the pen?

Dual Nib:

Each Classique marker features two performance Japanese nibs. One fine bullet nib for precise detailing and one broad-chisel nib for bold and defined strokes

So you can work on detailed rendering and loose free-hand sketching and simply turn the pen over to switch to bold, purposeful design marks with expressive shade and dimension. 

This great versatility of use, makes the Classique a go-to marker for everything from illustration and sketching through to professional design.

Premium Alcohol Dye Ink:

Classique markers from Spectrum Noir are filled with design-grade alcohol dye colours. With each stroke you will see smooth, streak-free and blendable coverage with outstanding colour clarity.


Classique markers come in 216 colours, available singly or in various themed colour sets. Take a look at the full range from barely there pastels to bold, punchy shades.

Illustrator: What's inside the pen?

Dual Nibs:

Illustrator Markers feature a unique combination of nibs. Each pen features a brush nib and super-fine nib. 

The accurate and super-fine nib is ideal for detailed and intricate work. The Japanese brush nib is flexible yet precise, producing natural and controlled curves in each expressive stroke. Made from high-grade vinyl polymer with a reinforced inner core, the brush nib offers fluid line control with durable, flexible and long-lasting performance.

Alcohol-based Dye Ink:

Each pen is filled with premium alcohol-based dye ink, offering flawless smooth coverage. This streak-free ink means you can create stunning blended effects effortlessly. 

The translucent nature of the dye means each colour can be layered up individually to create stunning effects, shades and tints.


There are 216 colours to choose from with Illustrator markers. Pens are available singly or in various hand picked colour sets. Take a look at the full range from soft pastels to bold, punchy shades. 

Shared Attributes:

Both Illustrator and Classique markers share a number of innovative and design-led qualities. 

Ergonomic Design:

The ergonomic hexagon shaped barrel of Classique and Illustrator markers have been designed with comfort and ease and use in mind. Comfortable to grip whilst using these markers are also easy to stack so the perfect colour is always in reach. 

And the air tight caps have coloured ends to match the marker shade, so you can keep your art stash in perfect order.


The ink used in both collections is certified non-toxic and each pen is refillable. Use a Spectrum Noir Alcohol Re-Inker to top up your ink and extend the life of your pen! 

And to make your makers last longer, the nibs are replaceable - so you can ensure perfect results for years to come.

Now you’ve got to grips with the anatomy of Classique and Illustrator Markers from Spectrum Noir. Take a look at this guide to Classique and Illustrator Techniques for everything you need to know about application!