Refill - Refresh - Reuse with Spectrum Noir Alcohol ReInkers

Keep your marker collection fresh, full of color and ready to use for years with Spectrum Noir’s range of Alcohol ReInkers. 

Designed to be used with Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers, each ReInker is filled with 30ml of premium alcohol dye ink. That’s enough for five refills so you never have to throw out your favorite markers when they run out.

How to use your Alcohol Reinkers:

1. Using tweezers, carefully pull out the nib of your Spectrum Noir alcohol marker and place onto a piece of paper

2. Squeeze the pipette attached to your Alcohol Reinker lid to fill with ink

3. Put the end of the pipette into your pen and squeeze the end of the pipette to fill your marker with ink

4.Repeat until your marker is fully replenished and ready to go

You can also replace the nibs on your Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, so you can continue to sketch, draw and colour with perfect precision!

Buy Five Reinkers and get a Sixth Free!

There’s an Alcohol ReInker for every shade, so you can keep your entire marker collection topped up.

A full collection of Spectrum Noir Alcohol ReInkers will keep your colorful creations looking fresh and vivid for years to come. And, to get you started we have a special Six for Five offer.

When you purchase five Spectrum Noir Alcohol ReInkers you’ll receive the sixth for free!