The Spectrum Noir Range

Six-marker sets

The Spectrum Noir range consists of 168 alcohol markers. The core set of seventy-two markers is divided up into twelve color families, each containing six markers per set. Each package contains pre-matched color tone families with three ‘warm’ tones and three ‘cool’ tones, allowing for several blending possibilities. There are no duplicate pens across the six-marker sets.

Twenty-four marker sets

There are also four sets of twenty-four markers, to round out the 168 pens – Pastels, Lights, Brights and Darks. These sets have been designed to add to the core collection to increase the color spectrum. They will add darker and lighter colors to the color choices provided in the six-marker sets, as well as filling in some in-between colors. Again, no color is duplicated in any package. Note: The twenty-four marker sets do not contain any blending partners, as they were made to complement or be added to the core set of seventy-two markers.