Tatiana Kuvaldina

Name: Tatiana Kuvaldina

From: Russian illustrator living in Munich, Germany

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tkuva_illustrates

When did you first start drawing I have been drawing as long as I remember myself. My parents still have piles of my childhood drawings. Despite their clumsiness, I can see how excited I was to create even back then.

What made you start? I believe there was always that desire in me to breach the gap between my imagination and reality. I do not have a single bright memory of me drawing as a kid that I can pinpoint my eagerness to create to. Instead, I remember drawing whenever and wherever I could: while waiting for my Mom to finish her work, at home sitting at the table or even lying on the floor.

Are you a full-time artist or is this a hobby that you love to do? Around three years ago, I discovered alcohol-based markers. It was love from the first artwork. I could not stop drawing and did not want to. My hobby was taking more and more time until the end of last year when I became a full-time artist.

What inspires your art? I believe that inspiration is everywhere. It comes in various forms: a view from my window, fallen flower petals, intricate architectural detail, or two colours that look perfect together. Anything can become my source of inspiration. However, above all, I am inspired by natural and architectural forms.

Can you show us the piece of work you’re most proud of and tell us why? It always changes. With every artwork, I attempt to push the boundaries of my abilities. I often take new subjects I would have been worried to draw before.

The last one was a jellyfish, where I decided to draw light under water. I have never done it before. I pushed myself and created something I could not have done even last year.

What’s your top tip for marker art? Using a marker with a brush nib can be intimidating for a beginner. If you are only starting, opt for a bullet nib instead. It is easier to control, as it gives a consistent line.

What is your favourite Spectrum Noir product? TriBlend markers. I loved the idea as soon as I saw them for the very first time. Being an urban sketcher, I enjoying drawing outside. These markers make it easy. Now I carry three times fewer art supplies than before.

Which Spectember theme/prompt have you chosen and why? I went for Night sky because sunsets are one of my favorite topics to draw. Each of them is unique, and being able to capture that moment is precious to me. All the subtle changes of colour intrigue me. That is where I can fully enjoy the processes of finding the right shade, creating complicated gradients, and mixing various colours.

My next choice was Under the sea. Water mesmerises me. It constantly changes, making it a hard subject to draw. However, that is what makes it fun!

The last theme was Furtastic. I love creating intricate artworks where I can devote my time and energy to all the tiny details. While drawing animals, I can focus on such work.