Sunflower card with TriBlend Markers

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Sunflower card.

Hello Spectrum Noir fans! We hope you're having a great day ?

Angela here with you today sharing a card I created using my TriBlend Markers, which are so easy and so much fun to use.

If you'd like to know more about the TriBlend markers then you can check them out here.


I started with Gold Brown Tri-Blend.   I used the image as a guide on where I wanted my darkest shade.   I also added the darkest shade to the areas where petals were in front as they would shade the petals in the back.


Next I changed to my Light Yellow Tri-Blend Marker.     I started with LY3.

Next I took my mid-tone (LY2) and filled in some areas.

Next I used LY1 to fill in the outer areas (you could take this one step further and leave a few white spots and use your colorless blender as well).

I went back to my Gold Brown Blend and my darkest shade GB5.  Again I added following the lines on the petals as well as the “shaded” areas.

Next I used my Citrus Blend to add a bit more depth.   I started with CT3.

Now for the center…..I used Earth Brown Tri-Blend.  Again I used the darkest shade first EB3

Next I used the midtone EB2. With each center color I applied in a stippling motion.

Next I used EB1 as my lightest Earth Brown.

Next I used the Tan Tri- Blend Marker.  I only used TN1.

I used the Tan Blend Tri-Blend - darkest and lightest for the center.  TN3

And TN1 finished off the center.

I used the same steps for the petals of the other sunflower.

Next up the branch and leaves. I started with the Citrus Green Blend Tri- Blend- CG3.

Next I added in some of my mid-tone CG2.

My last steps used the lightest tone CG1.

I followed the same steps with the leaves- darkest CG3 and worked my way down to CG1.

I left the edges without color and used the colorless blender to fade out a bit.

I inked the edges of my image with Harmony Water Reactive Ink- Lemon Tonic.

I also inked the edges of my pattern paper

And the edges of my yellow pattern paper with Harmony Water Reactive Ink in Anthracite.

I also used some Crafters Companion Black Matt Cardstock to mat all of my layers.   A few glitter enamel dots add the finishing touches.

I hope you enjoyed.

Supplies Used:


TriBlend Markers-  Earth Brown Blend, Citrus Green Blend, Citrus Blend, Tan Blend, Gold Brown Blend.   Colorless Blender


Harmony Water Reactive Ink- Lemon Tonic and Anthracite.


Black Matt Cardstock

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