Spring Scene Tutorial

Ombre Background 1

Create a lovely Spring Scene

Create a lovely spring scene using yoru Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. Created by our friend Tatiana Kuvaldina, she'll walk you through the process step-by-step.

See how she did it by following the steps below. Try it yourself and be sure to share the results with us by tagging #spectrumnoir on Instagram, posting on our Facebook page, or sharing on Pinterest.

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Stamp & Create Outlines

Step 1:
Make the central flower detailed and 2 other generalised. When drawing bunny’s fur, imitate hairs using small strokes and uneven lines.

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Colour Eggs

Step 2: Use Ice Blue for the 2 left eggs and True Blue for the other 2. You can add Fair Skin (FS6 + FS7) on top of Ice Blue to create a gradient like in the reference. It'll make your artwork look more picturesque. To separate eggs, darken shadows in the points of contact by overlaying corresponding dark blues and adding white pencil in the lightest areas. Add dots to show eggs’ texture.

Ombre Background 4

Colour flower petals

Step 3:
Use Ice Blue (IB1) for the light areas and edges of the petals. Add Hydrangea to it. For the drop shadows on the eggs use Medium and Dark shades matching the egg colour mixed with Hydrangea (HB2 + HB3). Remember that shadows are always the darkest in the points of contact and dissolve with distance.

Ombre Background 4

Colour flower cores

Step 4:
Create a base with Light Yellow on the edges and Dull Green in the centre. To show texture add dots using Dull Green (DG2 + DG3). With Hydrangea (HB3) darken the shadows on the flower cores and around them.

Ombre Background 4

Shape bunny

Step 5:
Cover its face with Fair Skin (FS6). For the ears and body mix Fair Skin with Tan. You can also add Brown Grey to make your artwork richer in colour. For the inside part of ears use Pale Pink together with Coral.

Ombre Background 4

Add texture and details

Step 6:
Leave out the light parts and draw hairs with Gold Brown. For the darkest parts of fur use Earth Brown.

Follow fur direction. It’ll help to shape the bunny correctly. Start your brush stroke from the hair root towards its delicate end. Gradually reduce pressure on the marker. As you get closer to the end, it should barely touch the paper. This way you can get very thin lines.

For the eyes mix in Purple (PL4) with Earth Brown (EB3). You can add multiple layers to darken them.

Add whiskers using black or grey liner of 0,05 or 0,1 thickness.

Ombre Background 4

What will you create?

Step 7:
Your Easter artwork is ready! You can turn it into a postcard or frame if you want.

Please share your results with us using hashtag #spectrumnoirtutorials.

Disclaimer: All references are taken from pixabay.com with permission for commercial use.