*NEW* About Spectrum Noir Illustrator

Spectrum Noir Illustrator is a range of 216 artist-grade, premium-quality, double-ended alcohol ink markers. With a super-fine nib for precision and accuracy in coloring and a brush nib for versatility and extra control in your work, these markers are perfect for every papercrafting project. With smooth, natural linework and detailed coloring, these pens also offer blendable and streak free coverage – perfect for drawing and illustration

Illustrator colors are named and arranged differently but they still follow the rules of the original Spectrum Noir alcohol marker coloring system. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for existing Spectrum Noir colorists to use Illustrator side by side with the original marker. That’s why every Illustrator marker shows the original coloring system cross-reference on its cap.

Six-marker sets

The Spectrum Noir Illustrator range consists of eight sets of six and four sets of twelve markers. Each package is structured around the color wheel, allowing you to build up a balance of hues (via primary, secondary and tertiary colors) then the related tints, tones, neutrals and grays. There are no duplicate pens across the six-marker sets.

Twelve-marker sets

There are also four sets of twelve markers. These sets are arranged in a slightly different way, according to various on-trend artistic themes. While each offers a useful range of related hues, they also work closely in tune with the color wheel and in turn the original Spectrum Noir coloring system.

What can I create with Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers?

Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers are the ultimate nib configuration for artists and crafters.  You’ll get loads of versatility from the brush nib and then the ability to work in even more accurate detail using the new super-fine nib. If you’re looking for extra inspiration, don’t miss the Spectrum Noir blog which is packed full of tutorials, step-by-steps and finished card samples. Click here to visit the blog now.


Why are Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers so unique?



– The Illustrator range is built to help you understand the color wheel, and take advantage of utilizing it.
-You can achieve professional results every time with effortless blending and color matching
– They’re available in tonal color sets for easy shading
– They have fast-drying ink for smooth and effective work
– The markers are non-toxic and safe to use
– The markers have an ergonomic barrel design in support of the triangular grip style for greater comfort when coloring
– You can refill your markers once the ink has been used
– The marker caps are double-layered for extended time between refills