Spectrum Noir alcohol marker accessories

To complement the Spectrum Noir alcohol marker range, there are a number of accessories to help you get the best from your markers.

Replacement Nibs (Next Generation markers)

Each Spectrum Noir alcohol marker is double-ended, with a broad chisel nib for large area fills and a fine bullet tip for detailed work. This 12 pack of replacement nibs contains six fine bullet tips and six broad chisel nibs. This is an easy and affordable way to refresh your markers if the nibs become frayed, worn or lost.

Replacement nibs are also available for the Spectrum Noir Classic Markers.

Brush Nibs

These high quality brush nibs have been designed to fit in the chisel end of the Next Generation Spectrum Noir markers, allowing for greater coloring effect. The pack contains 3 brush nibs.

Blender Set

The colorless blender can highlight, soften and add light to your coloring, enabling you to create stunning effects on your crafting projects.The blender set includes two blender markers and a 25ml re-inker. To re-fill your blender marker, simply pull out the chisel nib and use the included pipette to transfer the ink from the bottle to the marker.

The colorless blender marker is also available individually.