Spectrum Aqua Video Tutorial CD-ROM

Learn how to get the best from your Spectrum Aqua markers with the series of easy-to-follow tutorials on the Spectrum Aqua Video Tutorial CD-ROM. Starting with the basics, you’ll soon be creating beautiful water-color style blends and stunning background effects, bringing a whole new dimension to your coloring.

Tutorials include on this CD:

What are Spectrum Aqua markers
An introduction to the markers’ basic features and attributes.

How to use Spectrum Aqua markers
Basic tips and techniques with advice on which paper to use and how to add detail with the fine nib.

Mixing custom colors using a palette
Learn how to mix, blend and endlessly extend your color range by applying Spectrum Aqua from a palette.

Creating Bokeh effects
Use Spectrum Aqua’s subtle blending qualities to create beautiful water-color style Bokeh effects.

White outline stamping
How to use Spectrum Aqua wet-on-wet with a white embossed outline image.

Stamping with Spectrum Aqua markers
The water-based dyes in Spectrum Aqua markers apply smoothly and clean away easily – perfect for applying direct to stamps – find out how!

Creating a customized background
Spectrum Aqua colors blend easily with water. Learn how to produce stunning customized background effects.

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