Sparkle Glitter Pens

Perfect for adding a touch of glamour to art and craft projects, these Sparkle glitter pens are filled with vibrant water-soluble colour that contains a special fine glitter pigment.

The result is a shimmering sparkle effect that will bring a dazzling new dimension to all your art and craft projects. There’s even a clear overlay pen, containing just glitter pigment that can be laid over any colour – so the possibilities are endless!

To get the best from your Sparkle pens, just break the seal then give them a shake. The pen’s flexible brush will give you a smooth, accurate and mess free application, whether you’ll colouring over a large area or working on something more detailed. Perfect for colouring, writing, embellishing, accenting and more…

Sparkle pens are available in a choice of seasonal colour-themed 3 pen sets or in special 12 pen sets, presented with an attractive carry-case and featuring the limited edition colour ‘Inspired Violet’.