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Sheltering Tree

Spectrum Noir Aqua watercolour markers are the perfect colouring medium for scenery, and Sheena Douglass has some wonderful scenic stamps that are the perfect companion to them.

Create The Scene

First of all, to create this beautiful forest scene, begin by stamping the large tree from the Sheena Douglass ‘A Sheltering Tree’ stamp set.

Create A Mask

Stamp a duplicate copy of the tall tree on scrap paper (shown in green for easier visual), then fussy cut the tree so that just the main trunk and a few of the larger branch sections remain. Place this copy over the original stamped image to protect it during the next step.

Stamp the Shoreline

Stamp the shoreline image from the Sheena Douglass ‘Lakeside Shore’ stamp set, overlapping the tall tree in the lower right corner. Since this tree is protected by the mask, the original image will remain intact.

Peel off the mask to reveal the full image. The shoreline will appear as if it’s behind the tall tree.

Prepare a Palette

Using several colors of brown and green Aqua markers, scribble some of each colour on an acrylic block. This will be used as a painting palette.

Paint the Tree Trunks

Beginning with the darkest shade of brown, dip a paint brush in water, pick up a little bit of the brown with the brush and paint it onto the darkest areas of the tree trunks.  

Repeat this process with the medium shade of brown in areas around the dark brown; then repeat with the lighted brown painted over the whole tree trunk to blend it all together.

Continue to paint the remaining trees and branches, as well as some of the ground shadow areas.

Paint the Leaves and Sky

Beginning with the darkest shade of green, dip the paint brush in water, then pick up some of the green and paint it onto the darker areas of the leaf clusters. Follow this by painting the medium shade of green and lighter shade of green in the remaining leafy areas.

Then, use the same shades to paint the grassy areas of the ground.

For the sky, scribble Teal Aqua marker on clear acrylic block and dilute with water. Dip paintbrush in water, pick up a small amount of the blue and paint the sky areas, leaving some areas of white cardstock showing through for a cloud effect.

Create a Project

Stamp the sentiment and birds from the Sheena Douglass ‘A Sheltering Tree’ stamp set.

Furthermore, frame the watercolour image by matting it to a piece of black cardstock.

Finally, re-purpose a wall hanging from the discount store by covering it with patterned paper and adding the watercolour image to the center.  

You will have a beautiful home decor piece ready to hang in your home or give as a gift!

Tutorial credit: Jodi Clark

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Project Details

Spectrum Aqua Markers – Sepia, Chestnut, Fawn, Evergreen, Moss, Bud Green, Teal
Sheena Douglass A Little Bit Sketchy A Sheltering Tree stamp set
Sheena Douglass A Little Bit Sketchy Lakeside Shore stampset
Memories Black ink pad
Spectrum Aqua watercolor cardstock

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