Rachel Gillham

Name:Rachel (but my mother calls me Bob!)

From: Rutland - the smallest rural county in England!

Blog address: rachelgillham.co.uk/blog/

When did you first start drawing/experimenting with inks/ crafting? My father and grandfather were both artists, So I’ve scribbled and doodled for most of my life. I took a break when life got too busy, discovered crafting in 2012, and started drawing properly again in around 2015.

What made you start? I started drawing and painting when spending time with my grandfather at an early age. Unfortunately it was not something I could persue at school, so I had a long hiatus. The crafting side of things were introduced to me at a much later age, by a friend who is an avid crafter herself.

Are you a full-time artist or is this a hobby that you love to do? I’m a full time artist, and crafter in between runnng around after my husband, cat and children.

What inspires your art? I’m inspired a lot by colours and nature. I live in the countryside so love taking inspiration from the colours around me, and I love drawing and painting botanics too.

What’s your top tip for marker art/lettering/alcohol inks? I love playing with alcohol markers, and my top tip is just to keep practicing, and trying out new things!

What is your favourite Spectrum Noir product? Ooooh this is a hard one as I love them ALL. I think it would have to be the new illustrator markers though, as I love to use brush nibs, and the nibs on the new pens are awesome!

Which Spectember theme/prompt have you chosen and why? I chose ‘three colours only’ as a challenge to myself, as I tend to be very vibrant in my work and use ALL the colours. Using a limited palette is a personal challenge, but can yield great (and unexpected) results.

When did you start working on the Spectrum Noir design team? I’m a newbie- I only started this year, but i’m so honoured to be here, meeting other amazing designers, chatting to others in the groups that also love Spectrum Noir, and getting to play with lots of gorgeous products too! I hope I’ll get to stay for a long time 😉