Jess Francisco

Name: Jess Francisco

From: Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
Blog address: www.acarddayswork.wordpress.con

When did you first start drawing/experimenting with inks/ crafting? I’ve been creating as long as I can remember. When I would get new school supplies every year, it was the best feeling in the world!

What made you start? My mom was always crafty and I enjoyed learning from her and creating with her.

Are you a full-time artist or is this a hobby that you love to do? I’m somewhere in the middle. I stay home with my kiddos, so I create when they’re asleep but I do treat my hobby as a career and I put many hours into it to keep things moving forward.

What inspires your art? I take inspiration from day to day things in life as well as others’ creativity. I love to browse Pinterest for gorgeous color palettes and mood boards that inspire me to create something that makes me happy!

What’s your top tip for marker art/lettering/alcohol inks? My number one tip would be to practice every single day if you’re dedicated to improving on any one talent, but this is especially true with lettering; It’s a ‘use it or lose it’ sort of mentality. Even just writing one word a day will drastically improve your lettering over time!

What is your favourite Spectrum Noir product? How can I choose?! If I had to pick just one I’d have to go with the Alcohol Markers as they get the most use on my projects. But for wow factor, I’d probably pick the clear sparkle overlay - you can never go wrong with a good coat of sparkle.

Which Spectember theme/prompt have you chosen and why? I’ve chosen the ‘build a scene’ prompt. This is right up my alley as I truly enjoy creating scenes with my stamps and alcohol markers. They make me so happy!

When did you start working on the Spectrum Noir design team? I joined the Spectrum Noir DT in April of 2019!