Jane Gundry

Name: Jane Gundry

From: Reading, UK

Instagram: @Milliesmarvelscrafts
Facebook: www.facebook.com/milliesmarvelscrafts

When did you first start drawing/experimenting with inks/ crafting? I have always loved making things and used to knit and cross stitch but starting making cards 11 years ago

What made you start? I started scrapbooking as a way of preserving memories for my boys and moved on to making cards with my scrapbooking scraps and the cardmaking took over!

Are you a full-time artist or is this a hobby that you love to do? Unfortunately it is only a hobby but I would love to be able to craft full time

What inspires your art? Bright colours really inspire me and so do beautiful landscapes and nature, I always return from holidays bursting with inspiration!

What’s your top tip for marker art/lettering/alcohol inks? Use the right card or paper to stamp and colour on to as this makes such a difference, also make sure you colour swatch your pens to test them and practise your blends

What is your favourite Spectrum Noir product? I love my triblends but have had so much fun playing with the Opaque inks since they were released

Which Spectember theme/prompt have you chosen and why? I chose night sky as I love blending the opaque pigments ink and they make perfect skies, it's also great fun flicking the Midas inks to make the stars!

When did you start working on the Spectrum Noir design team? Earlier this year around Easter time.