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AquaTint Pens

AquaTint pens are perfect for a wide range of mixed media and distress background effects. AquaTint pens are filled with bright water-soluble dye-based ink, dispensed through a fine nylon brush. Their colours can be applied as accurately or freely as you want, then blended out with water for an amazing result every time.

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Metallic Markers

These fabulous six-pen sets of dual-tipped markers will cover beautifully, for a perfectly smooth and highly reflective metallic finish. They are ideal for use on black or dark surfaces where their effects will really pop! Our metallic markers feature a premium water-based ink that’s been finely blended with special metallic pigment. The result is an unbeatably opaque and flawless laydown of colour, perfectly balanced with an impressive sheen of metallic.

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ColourTint Pencils

You can achieve a wonderful muted look of graphite ‘blackness’ to your artwork with just a hint of colour which is perfect when you want an understated, distressed look to your projects. When you add water to Spectrum Noir Colourtint graphite pencils, it explodes into colour for a more vibrant (but still muted) colour palette.

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Aqua Markers

Watercolouring is one of the trendiest techniques around... and our markers make it incredibly fun & easy! The water-soluble Aqua markers are a great solution for illustration and design work, especially where you want to create a more diffused, subtle look. Their high quality water-based dyes offer smooth coverage and can be easily diluted and blended with water. So they’re perfect for watercolour style sketching on the move or for producing stunning background effects and beautiful translucent washes of colour.


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ColourBlend Pencils

Our ColourBlend artist’s pencils are fully loaded with premium grade wax-based pigment, for a rich, velvety colour laydown with outstanding blendability. They can be used alone for traditional sketching and illustration or for adding depth and definition to marker and mixed media work.


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Sparkle Pens

Perfect for adding a touch of glamour to art and craft projects, these Sparkle glitter pens are filled with vibrant water-soluble colour that contains a special fine glitter pigment.

The result is a shimmering sparkle effect that will bring a dazzling new dimension to all your art and craft projects. There’s even a clear overlay pen, containing just glitter pigment that can be laid over any colour – so the possibilities are endless!

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Graphic Markers

Graphic is a dual-tipped alcohol marker for a range of professional design applications. Use it when you want to create bold strokes and defined layers of depth and tone. Graphic has the classic nib combination of broad chisel and fine bullet. Made with the more serious, regular user in mind, these markers are built to last with around 25% more ink than our standard alcohol marker. Its ergonomic barrel has been designed for comfortable extended use, supporting a range of grip and stroke styles. Perfect for realising your design ideas, whether through loose sketches or more detailed line-work.


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Metallic Pencils

Our metallic pencils are richly pigmented and can be used to create bold, highly reflective designs. They are especially effective on darker coloured papers, where their effects can really shine! Each pencil is filled with bright, reflective colour that will shimmer and add dimension to any sketch or colouring project. The colours are water-soluble and can be brushed over to produce beautiful luminescent washes.


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