Heidi Jakobs

Name: Heidi Jakobs

From: I live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and stepson (he turns 17 this year). Since we are not city people we live in a (small) village. Besides crafting I love to read and make hikes through the woods and the rural surroundings around our village.

Blog address: www.makeyourlifecolourful.com

When did you first start drawing/experimenting with inks/ crafting? I have been colouring and drawing since I was a child, back then I only had graphite and coloured pencils. I love trying out new mediums and papers as well as inspiring others to create and/or colour.

What made you start? I don't know what got me started since I have been doing this since I was a child, lots of my childhood memories are of being creative. I also loved sorting my coloured pencils in colour families (yellow, orange, red, and so on), binding them with a rubber band.
When I was a child my mother once followed a course of hand lettering and since then I have learned myself a style of calligraphy/handlettering that I often use on my art journal pages.
I guess I'm a very organised crafter. I go through my craft supplies twice a year and purge what I don't use because my craft room is quite small and this way I can find everything I need easily. I'm very grateful for having a room just for my hobbies though.

Are you a full-time artist or is this a hobby that you love to do? As much as I love colouring and crafting I couldn't do this as my profession because I need a stable income for my mental health. I do work part-time so that I can spent as much time crafting as possible! I'm inspired by the materials that I work with and since I make cards mostly (next to art journalling) I try to create something for a particular recipient that they might like.

What’s your top tip for marker art/lettering/alcohol inks? My top tip for any kind of craft is that you take time to learn, watch others and learn from them, but don't pull yourself down if your work is not what others create. You can't compare yourself to a seasoned artist if you are just starting out! There are many tutorials to find on line but to really grown your skills you have to practice yourself, a lot! Also it's very important to find your own style, try different ones and find the one that suits your person best!

What is your favourite Spectrum Noir product? At this moment my favourite Spectrum Noir product are the Aqua Markers, I love how vibrant they are and that you can create new colours by mixing them. But really, the whole Spectrum Noir range contains awesome products, I'm also in love with the Colourblend coloured pencils (especially on darker papers) and I'm also working with the Aquablend pencils and Illustrator alcohol markers.

Which Spectember theme/prompt have you chosen and why? For Spectember I have chosen the "Under the Sea" theme (who doesn't love mermaids, right!) and "Stamp It" (because next to colouring mediums, my stamps are my most loved craft supply).

When did you start working on the Spectrum Noir design team? I'm on the Spectrum Noir Design Team since May 2019.