Graphic Designer’s Markers

Graphic is a dual-tipped alcohol marker for a range of professional design applications. Use it when you want to create bold strokes and defined layers of depth and tone.

Developed side by side with our artist’s Illustrator marker, Graphic has the classic nib combination of broad chisel and fine bullet. Combined with Illustrator’s brush and super-fine, you’ll have a choice of four unique nib types to suit any artistic or design requirement.

Graphic has been made with the more serious, regular user in mind, and is built to last with around 25% more ink than our standard alcohol marker. Its ergonomic barrel has been designed for comfortable extended use, supporting a range of grip and stroke styles. Perfect for realising your design ideas, whether through loose sketches or more detailed line-work.

There are 216 colours available in Graphic, sharing the same space as our other alcohol-based markers, so it’s easy to switch between them. Graphic colours can be bought in convenient colour wheel sets, arranged as hues, tints and tones. Or according to popular design colour themes. They can also be purchased singly, offering full flexibility for more experienced designers who want to choose their own palette.