FAQs – alcohol inks

How do I refill my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers?
There are various ways to refill your Spectrum Noir markers. The most popular is to carefully remove the broad chisel nib using tweezers or by hand, then slowly feed new ink drop by drop through the nib opening. You can also stand your marker broad nib down in a container of ink, so it can gradually absorb. Or alternatively, use the bottle’s in-built pipette to gradually drop ink onto the broad nib.

How many times will 30ml of ink refill a standard Spectrum Noir marker?
You should be able to refill you marker around 7 to 8 times from each bottle.

Which Spectrum Noir marker ranges are re-fillable?
You can refill any marker in the Spectrum Noir alcohol range, including the original Colouring System, Classique and Illustrator. Refilling your TriBlend marker is possible (with care) but not recommended due to its smaller nib opening.

Are Alcohol Inks just for refills or can they be used in other ways?
Using alcohol inks creatively has become hugely popular, there are some stunning yet easy-to-achieve techniques on offer! They can be brushed, dropped, spritzed or used with foam and other media for an amazing range of marbled and patterned effects on all kinds of surfaces. See our tutorials for more.

I’ve noticed some small colour differences between the original Spectrum Noir alcohol marker and the new markers and refills. Why is this?
We recently changed to a new and even better quality of ink for all our alcohol markers and refills. As part of this change, our colours had to be re-formulated and we took this opportunity to make some small adjustments. The original Colouring System groups are all exactly as before, with some small refinements that will give you an even smoother blend.

I’ve noticed there are some warnings on the bottle, are Alcohol Inks safe to use?
As with all Spectrum Noir products, we test our Alcohol Inks extensively and ensure they meet all global safety standards. They are certified non-toxic and are completely safe when stored and used correctly. A safety data sheet is available on request.

Are Alcohol Inks environmentally friendly?
Our markers use recyclable parts and can be disposed of safely when empty. By refilling your marker, you will significantly extend its lifespan. Which is kind to the planet as well as your pocket!