Spectrum Noir is the premium, inclusive and affordable art brand. 


We make premium art materials that are designed and developed to perform.


We work hard to support and foster creative communities. Promoting channels of knowledge and expertise that are accessible to all.


We want everyone to enjoy the professional results that are only unlocked when using quality supplies. Our mission is to be the most affordable premium brand.

Our Story So Far…

Spectrum Noir has been around for longer than you might think. We began in 2012 as a small range of alcohol markers developed by our parent company, Crafter’s Companion. Our large and loyal base of craft customers is still a big part of our story today.   

The original Spectrum Noir alcohol-marker went through several improvements and iterations. Then before long, artist’s quality coloured pencils were added to the line-up, with the same ethos of making professional performance accessible for everyone.  

Our water-soluble Aqua marker was another early addition to the line-up. Then in 2014 we launched Illustrator, our premium alcohol-based brush marker. Illustrator also saw several iterations in its early days, with key refinements to the all-important brush nib. The product we offer today features a professional-grade Japanese-engineered brush that has helped establish Illustrator as a true flagship product in our range.

As our technical and manufacturing capabilities continued to grow, we took the decision to revamp the much-loved original Spectrum Noir marker and in 2016 Classique was launched as a complement to Illustrator. To strengthen and underscore our alcohol marker line-up.

In a further bid to bring some true innovation to the marker category, we also worked extensively on our 3-in-1 TriBlend concept. TriBlend was conceived around the original Spectrum Noir ‘Colouring System’ of numbered and grouped colours, designed to help users easily achieve gradations and blended shaded effects. TriBlend’s unique proposition of 3 colours in a single pen quickly gained traction, including with artists who valued the extra portability and convenience. Later versions of TriBlend included TriBlend Brush and the concept was also expanded to TriColour Aqua, a water-based variant.

Today, Spectrum Noir continues to innovate and develop new product. Our complete range incorporates alcohol and water-based markers, coloured pencils, metallic markers, glitter pens and more. We strive to offer breadth and choice so that every creative opportunity can be met. But most important of all, we focus on product quality and performance since this is what ultimately unlocks professional results. The Spectrum Noir difference is we are constantly looking for ways to deliver that quality and performance, without the premium price-tag. 

Our Creative Network…

With an extensive line-up of premium, affordable art supplies in place, our aim is very much to inspire and inform. We actively seek out artists and designers in a variety of disciplines and fields, then work closely to distill, pass on and share that expertise.

In product form, our Discovery Kits and Advanced Discovery Kits are an example where we worked closely with the artist to curate and assemble the right tools. Then combine accessible instruction with all the essential hints and tips you would need to learn and master that style. For this project, we approached hugely talented professional or up and coming creatives with expertise in everything from illustration and comic art through to calligraphy and product design.

In addition to our close circle of in-house and freelance artists, we are also always keen to engage with and support the wider creative communities. While it has been more difficult of late, we hope soon to be out meeting and working again with artists and designers face to face. Whether it be on the comic convention circuit, at design student events or wherever likeminded creatives can be found.      

As our network expands, we are continually on the lookout for new creative partners. Recently we were beyond thrilled to have been approached by Jazza, one of the art communities’ biggest and best-loved personalities. We have worked closely with Jazza on a brand-new Pro Artist Series, featuring his personally hand-picked Spectrum Noir Illustrator Collection. With Jazza’s vast online following, this collaboration brings Spectrum Noir to a whole new audience with the combined might of his energetic style, expertise and influence.

With the launch of the all-new Spectrum Noir website, we plan to really throw open the doors and provide a destination hub of inspiration and knowledge for artists. This means we will be regularly publishing and sourcing all the latest creative technical content and editorial on our pages, while proactively inviting the art community to partner and contribute.

This is how we believe we can Spectrum Noir apart. By offering the very best and most readily accessible premium art materials, combined with a unique level of community engagement that will educate and inspire.