Spectrum Noir Colourlab Concept Design - 12 Classique Marker Bundle with Free Tray

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  • Dual high-performance fine-bullet and broad-chisel nibs
  • For precise detailing, rapid colour-fills and bold defined strokes
  • With smooth, blendable coverage and outstanding colour clarity
  • Endlessly versatile for all kinds of art, design and sketching
  • View more inspiration from Concept Design here.
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Spectrum Noir Classique Markers- Concept Design Bundle

So much can be created with 12 alcohol markers. They form the building blocks for many new hues, blends, shades, tints and tones. The creative possibilities are almost endless!

The Spectrum Noir Classique Markers - Concept Design Bundle, is a carefully curated collection of 12 alcohol markers. 

With bold and energetic orange and black as key colours, plus a range of cool grey and warm yellow and brown shades - this set invites you to create sleek and stylish artwork. 

The alcohol-based dye ink in Classique Markers produces seamless streak-free coverage. And because the ink is partially translucent, a single colour can be layered and will darken with each stroke - producing a gradation of shade. Colours can also be mixed to produce new hues, tints and shades.

The 12 Classique Markers included in the Concept Design Bundle have been carefully selected to work together perfectly to create shimmering metallic or shiny black effects. 

And, the Dual-tip design of Classique Markers offers a range of broad and fine strokes. Each marker is perfect for detailed rendering, loose free-hand sketching and bold, purposeful design marks with expressive shade and dimension

We recommend having fun by experimenting and exploring different effects on a blank sheet of paper before applying to your sketches and artworks. 

The Spectrum Noir Classique Marker Bundle - Concept Design includes: 

  •  Ice Grey 1
  • Ice Grey 9
  • Vermillion
  • Dark Coral
  • Vanilla
  • True Black
  • Brown Grey 2
  • Brown Grey 5
  • Brown Grey 9
  • Leather
  • Bark
  • Henna

If you want to expand your collection and try new colour combinations and blends, why not Mix and Match 12 more colours? Buy 12 Illustrator or 12 Classique Spectrum Noir Markers and receive a free Pen Tray!