Spectrum Noir Alcohol ReInker - Suntan-CR3

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  • Alcohol re-inkers in all 216 Spectrum Noir colours

  • Refill your marker up to 8 times using the included dropper

  • Can also be used for mixed media art on a range of surfaces

  • Economical and good for the environment











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Rather than throw away your Classique or Illustrator markers when they run out, replenish them with Spectrum Noir’s Alcohol Re-inkers.

These handy Alcohol Re-inkers from Spectrum Noir are available in all 216 Spectrum Noir colours. And each 30ml bottle will refill a standard marker around 8 times. Economical and good for the environment too! 

To refill your Spectrum Noir alcohol marker, carefully remove the broad or brush nib to open the nib housing. Then using the supplied dropper, slowly feed ink through the opening directly into the ink reservoir.

This Alcohol Re-inker is the suntan shade. 

The ink can also be applied directly to different surfaces for a wide array of artistic mixed media effects. Spray, drop, mist or pour onto paper, card, glass, plastic, acetate, wood, textiles and more. 

Create stunning translucent effects on a range of surfaces, while keeping your markers topped up and ready for use.