SN TriBlend Deep Blends 24pc

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  • Three colours in one for a seamless, consistent blend
  • Effortless artistic results with realistic depth and shade
  • Portable and convenient, great for sketching on the go
  • Premium alcohol-dye ink for a smooth blended finish
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Spectrum Noir TriBlend Deep Blends 24pc

TriBlend's unique 3-in-1 design offers three blendable shades that will combine effortlessly to produce a smooth seamless gradation. So everyone can achieve a professional artistic result with stunningly realistic depth and dimension. 

With TriBlend from Spectrum Noir, there's no guess-work or waiting for the right shade to appear, you know exactly what you're going to get. Each 3-in-1 pen holds three carefully chosen, related colours that will blend seamlessly and that you can return to time and again.

With three high-grade Japanese nibs delivering premium alcohol-dye-based colour, TriBlend squeezes all the performance of three professional markers into one convenient, compact solution. 

TriBlend pens from Spectrum Noir are perfect for outdoor sketching or whenever you need a more portable selection of colours.  

The 24-piece Deep Blends set includes: 

  • Magenta Blend 
  • Burnt Orange Blend 
  • Aqua Blue Blend 
  • Pink Violet Blend 
  • Gold Yellow Blend 
  • Alpine Green Blend 
  • Dusty Purple Blend
  • Vintage Blue Blend
  • Red Brown Blend 
  • Yellow Green Blend 
  • Antique Pink Blend 
  • Muted Brown Blend 
  • Coral Shades 
  • Dark Red Shades 
  • Bright Pink Shades 
  • Tan Shades 
  • Brown Grey Shades 
  • Gold Brown Shades 
  • Blue Turquoise Shades 
  • Jade Green Shades 
  • True Blue Shades 
  • Pale Pink Shades 
  • Earth Brown Shades 
  • Ice Grey Shades 


There are 48 TriBlend 3-in-1 markers available, featuring a total of 144 colours for  a complete choice of blends. Or why not use TriBlend to complement your desktop collection of Classique and Illustrator markers, which share the same ink-type and colour space.