Meet the Artist - Toothrag

North East artist, Toothrag casts his gaze beyond traditional mediums to unleash vivid colour and creativity. 

Surreal renderings of cartoon icons and otherworldly creatures slither, slink and snarl across card and canvas and onto skateboards, guitars and wherever his imagination leads.

Open to working with all medias from 3D digital animation to sculpture and everything in between, Toothrag has recently been using Spectrum Noir Acrylic Markers. 

And we’ve curated a bespoke Meet the Artist Toothrag 34-piece Bundle, filled with multi-surface Acrylic Markers plus a colour-matched collection of Classique alcohol markers. So you can set your own art free to roam across different surfaces and mediums! 

Meet the Artist - Toothrag

What inspired you to start creating?

My creative origins go back to when I was a kid watching cartoons and TV shows. It was enough to kickstart my passion for drawing. I have memories of sketching all sorts of creatures love only evolved to include an interest in album covers, old school skateboard artwork, and graffiti.

What do you enjoy about the process?

What I love most about the process is just the ability to create as much as your imagination will allow. I mean, you could really create a whole universe with just a pen and paper. The only thing that I feel limits me right now is the time I have.

How long have you worked in this particular style?

As far as style goes, I feel like it’s always evolving, I couldn’t pinpoint my style. I find myself constantly changing and learning. I can’t stick to one media type, I’m too interested in ANYTHING that allows me to create. So, I draw, sketch and paint. I do digital illustrations and cartoons, sculptures and now I’m learning 3D digital animation. 

Although right now, after the discovery of Acrylic Paint Markers  (I think that’s what I’m most known for simply because I get to draw on anything and everything with them), I’ve been painting a collection of guitars, with thanks to my local music shop Steel Town Music.  They’ve been letting me loose drawing whatever I want! 

For the next project I’ve got my sights on designing artwork for my surfboards and I have a lot of ideas for more skateboard designs too.

What’s your top tip for creating art in your style?

Well, I don’t think I have one single style, but my advice is to draw whatever you want, whatever you like that makes you happy. Take some influence from wherever it comes and just keep learning. Or just grab a few paint markers and go wild creating something that fills your mood.

Meet the Artist Toothrag - 34 piece Bundle with Free Tray

  • Four packs of Spectrum Noir Acrylic Paint markers - 20 markers in total 
  • A range of hues, including metallic effects so you can experiment with your own colourful creations 
  •  Each marker offers opaque and rich coverage on so many materials! 
  • Work with card, canvas, glass, wood, porcelain, stone, fabric and more! 
  • A 12-piece collection of Classique Alcohol Markers colour-matched to the Acrylic Marker sets to continue your colourful creations with beautifully blended effects on card and paper 
  • Spectrum Noir Artliners in a range of line widths to add crisp, outline detail 
  • Experiment and explore with a range of mediums and materials! 

What you'll receive: 

  • Spectrum Noir Acrylic Paint Marker 4pc Set - Bright
  • Spectrum Noir Acrylic Paint Marker 4pc Set - Pastel
  • Spectrum Noir Acrylic Paint Marker 4pc Set - Essential
  • Spectrum Noir Acrylic Paint Marker 4pc Set - Jewel
  • Spectrum Noir Classique Markers:
    • Lipstick
    • Satsuma
    • Canary
    • Yellow Green
    • Salad
    • Duck Egg
    • Cobalt
    • Purple
    • Deep Pink
    • Sorbet
    • Frost Pink
    • Fruit Pink 

You’ll also receive a Spectrum Noir Pen Tray. This sleek storage device has been designed to keep your markers visible and accessible as you work, and will stack up to keep everything organised as your collection grows.