Concept Design with 12 Spectrum Noir Classique Markers

The Concept Design Bundle of 12 Spectrum Noir Classique Markers has everything you need to create sleek and stylish artwork. 

To create this alcohol marker collection we took inspiration from artist Ariel Brindis. Ariel specialises in conceptual sketches for architecture and design projects. As you can see, his work features orange and black as key colours for this style of work.

  • With these 12 colours you can mix countless new hues and create tones, tints and shades.
  • Orange is a key colour  in the Concept Design bundle. 
  • It portrays youth, playfulness and boldness and is seen as energizing and attention grabbing. Ideal for sleek and modern concept design creations! 
  • With Classique Alcohol Markers, you can deepen a single colour by layering it on top of itself to create a gradation of shade 
  • Blend deep orange hues with lighter yellow and brown colours to create a shiny, metallic effect 
  • Combine grey colours with black to create a versatile gradation and produce a shimmering glass or plastic look
  • Add grey to any colour, to reduce the vibrancy and create a tone
  • Practice your blends and shades on a piece of blank paper before applying to your artwork 

Included in the Spectrum Noir Classique Markers -  Concept Design Bundle:

  • Dark Coral
  • Vermillion
  • Leather
  • Vanilla
  • Ice Grey 1
  • Ice Grey 9
  • True Black
  • Brown Grey 2
  • Brown Grey 5
  • Brown Grey 9
  • Bark
  • Henna

Classique Dual-Tip Markers

With performance Japanese nibs, design-grade alcohol-dye colours and quality components throughout, Classique Markers from Spectrum Noir offer a range of broad and fine strokes with smooth, streak-free coverage and layered blended effects.

Each marker is perfect for detailed rendering, loose free-hand sketching and bold, purposeful design marks with expressive shade and dimension.