Creating Multicolored Hair


In this tutorial I will show you how to make a beautiful multicolored hair. I use this technique often when I make fairies and other magical ladies but it can give an extravagant effect on other projects as well.


I used this drawing (called Keep In Faith from Ching-Chou Kuik) because every strand of hair is separately drown and easy to color. I colored swiftly the face with FS2, FS9, TN3, TN5 and the sunflowers with EB3, EB7, TN3, TN5, GB3, GB6, GB7, LY1, LY3.

I will show you the basic steps with two color families – Cool Grays and Lavender – and you can upgrade from there.


First I usually begin with marking the shadiest regions with the darkest color – IG6.


Then with the lighter IG4 and IG1 I color the rest of the hair and the only trick is to not color all the way and leave lot of white spaces.


The next step is to switch on the lavender shades and color over some of the dark regions with the LV2.


And then with the LV1 you can add more color in the white spaces.


The final touch is the background.Here I used GB11 and LY1, LY2,  and LY3.


The same technique could be used with two different hues. In this fairy image on the foundation of a “brown-gray” hair I added strands colored with “blue-turquoises” and “green-turquoises”.

Hope you’ll try this and have some fun.

Tutorial credit: Kalina Pavlova

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