ColourTint Graphite Pencils

Our ColourTint pencils are artist's quality, graphite based pencils with just a hint of colour. You can achieve a wonderful muted look of graphite ‘blackness’ to your artwork with just a hint of colour which is perfect when you want an understated, distressed look to your projects. When you add water to Spectrum Noir Colourtint graphite pencils, it explodes into colour for a more vibrant (but still muted) colour palette.

For a unique, sophisticated finish that’s a little bit different...

Two completely different effects with each pencil

Each graphite pencil has just a hint of colour which will produce a unique and highly distinctive muted tone.

When blended, ColourTint’s high quality, fully water-soluble pigments will come alive, resulting in an endless range of beautiful, diffused watercolour effects with exceptional pigment and movement of colour.

About the range

ColourTint pencils are easy to use and affordably priced, appealing to artists, students and hobbyists in a wide range of styles. They come in twenty four colours, that can be bought in carefully selected sets of twelve. Each set comes in a convenient, high-quality tin that's perfect for both storage in a studio and taking the pencils on-the-go to sketch with!

ColourTint pencils pair perfectly with our fantastically popular AquaBlend watercolour pencils and our range of Sparkle glitter markers

See the ColourTint Pencils in action: