Colouring with Triblends & Original Colouring System

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Basic Colouring with Triblends and Original Colouring System Markers

All our alcohol markers can be easily used with one another. Designer Melanie shows just how well with this tutorial.


Let's get started

In this Tutorial I use a Stamp from Polkadoodles and the Tri-Blend Markers as well as the Original Markers from Spectrum Noir.

Step 1 SKIN  - Using the Original colouring system markers.

I draw the Shadows with the Color TN3  and for slightly lighter Shadows I use FS4. For the lightest shade I am using FS2 and FS6 on the cheeks. You can go from light to dark, or as I do Dark to light. But for beginners it is recommended to go light to dark as it is easier to blend this way.


Step 2 Hair

I start with the Color MB4 for the dark areas which tend to be the roots, tips and on wavy hair the mid section, I then go in with MB3 for my mid tons

With MB2 I blend the Colors and set the Highlights

Step 3 Clouds and Basket

I use BT3 for the darker/shadow areas and lighten the hole with BT1. But just a little bit, and I'm not coloring the whole cloud just adding a hint of colour.

Using TriBlend Markers

I draw the Dark Shadows on the basket with the Color TN4  then I blend with the Color TN2

At the End I blend/lighten the whole thing with TN1

Step 4 Dress and Bow

With CR6 I set the Shadows and then blend with the Color CR3, then I set the Highlights with CR1.For the shadows I use the Color BG4

and then I blend with BG2


Step 5 the Balloon

First I use the Color PP3 and set the dark Shadows. Then I blend with Color PP2


after that I take the Color PP1 and blend the two Colors and become brighter

Finished - I hope you enjoyed my Tutorial and now you have even more Fun mixing different Markers. See you soon

Your Mel

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