Colouring System Markers

The original Spectrum Noir Marker introduces you to the super-smooth coverage and blending ability of alcohol markers. And with our unique Colouring System, you’ll soon learn the basics of blending and be colouring like an expert before you know it!

The quality colour dyes we use in all our markers will give you perfect, even coverage every time - their translucent effect means they can be overlaid and blended on paper to create beautiful, realistic shade and tone. And because the inks are alcohol based, they dry quickly and can also be used on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, card, wood, textiles, plastic, metal and many more.

Each Colouring System Marker has two nibs, a broad chisel for covering large areas and a fine bullet for filling in the smaller details. The nibs are replaceable and we also offer ink re-fills - so when you buy a Spectrum Noir marker you really are investing in a pen for life!

Our full alcohol marker range is made up of 216 colours, and to help you navigate your way around such a large selection we have a simple yet highly effective solution. The Spectrum Noir Colouring System groups every colour for you by hue (e.g. red, red-yellow and so on) and intensity, then numbers each from light to dark - so you can effortlessly achieve smooth, even blends of colour.

Because like colours of the same strength will always blend perfectly, all you need to do is pick a group then follow the numbers to create realistic depth and shade. We even put all the colours into ready made sets, so you can buy the ones that go together. It couldn’t be simpler!