Colour with Metallic Pencils

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The Spectrum Noir range of colouring products has been designed to allow artists to to combine various products from within the colouring range. This tutorial covers colouring with Spectrum Noir ColourBlend and Metallic coloured pencils.

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Prepare your image:

Step 1:

Start by stamping or printing your image onto black matt card.

For this project a useful coloured tag is created. Print an image from the Colorista Colouring Course onto card stock.

A Spectrum Noir black coloured pencil defines the outline to assist with colouring.

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Begin colouring:

Step 2:

Decide where your areas of light and shade will be on the image.

With the white ColourBlend pencil lay down the areas of highlight. Use short flicking motions to create fur-like texture.

Step 3:

In the same fashion create further definition with silver metallic pencil.

Add shade as required with the black ColourBlend pencil.

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Building Colour, Depth, and Tone

In a similar manner add further depth and colour to the image.

Step 4:

Use ColourBlend Nectarine, Metallic Rose Gold, Mica and Nickel to create the rich colour palette of the squirrel fur.

The deeper shades connect the areas of highlight adding a smooth continuation of colour and movement.

Redefine shade and highlight with the use of Black and White ColourBlend pencils. Overlap shading as required.

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Enhancing your colours:

Step 5:

Tonal shades of brown enhance the fur and create a more true to life effect.

Here, Russet and Cinnamon provide warmth.

Apply highlights of White and Silver for shine.

Step 6:

Add definition with Black as required.

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Adding background detail:

Step 7:

The mushroom perch for the squirrel has been coloured in ColourBlend Carmine.

The metallic Violet pencil provides highlights.

Also the leaves' flourishes are coloured with Metallic pencils Silver, Gold, Green and Yellow.

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Sky depth and detail:

Step 8:

Create your sky detail. This highlights your main image and adds depth to your colouring.

Small horizontal slashes of metallic colours add interest and warmth. Alternate short bands of Metallic pencils: Silver, Blue, Light Blue, Gold, Violet and Pink.

This part of the colouring is in fact the most fun!

Add small white gel pen detail to the mushroom and the white of the squirrel’s eyes.

Review your colouring:

Step 9:

Review your colouring in detail. Correct any areas of depth and shade as required.

Complete the tag:

Step 10:

Mount the coloured tag onto a black matt card layer.

Punch a hole at the top of the tag and insert ribbon or twine.

All in all an easy project to create. Colourful, shiny and lots of fun.

Tutorial credit: Laine Webb


Spectrum Noir ColourBlend Pencils: Black, White, Nectarine, Russet, Cinnamon, Carmine
Spectrum Noir Metallic Pencils: Silver, Gold, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Rose Gold, Mica, Nickel, Violet
Crafter’s Companion Matt Black Card
Image from Colorista Colouring Course
White Gel pen

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