Colorista Pencil Pads

If you’ve ever wondered why colouring books aren’t made from a better quality of paper, then you just have to try our Colorista Premium Pencil Pads... you'll be amazed at the difference!

Our premium quality pads feature a heavyweight artist’s paper that has just the right amount of ‘tooth’ to work wonderfully with your coloured pencils. We think you’ll really notice the extra benefit in using a higher quality of paper… you can even experiment with blending and layering colours, by combining with Colorista coloured pencils.

As well as bringing you a big improvement in paper quality, Colorista pencil pads also come with an exciting new dimension. On selected pages, you’ll find we’ve added Foil Accents, an extra decorative touch that will resist pencil and ink to beautifully frame and enhance your colouring.


Our Colorista pencil pads are all available in A4 size. You can also buy them in a handy 5x7” travel size that’s perfect for colouring on the go.