Colorista Dark

Colorista Dark brings an interesting and highly original change of style to your colouring. You certainly won’t have tried anything like this before!

Inside each Colorista Dark pencil pad you’ll find pages of artist’s quality black cardstock. You might wonder how a colouring book can have black pages, how can the designs be visible? The answer is to apply an ingenious UV outline to each design, enabling it to stand out whilst at the same time providing an effective resist to your pencil colouring.

You might also wonder what kind of coloured pencil is going to work on a black page. Spectrum Noir’s new metallic pencils are the perfect solution – richly pigmented and highly reflective, the result of these pencils on a Colorista Dark pad is something really special you just have to try!

Colorista Dark pads are currently available in a choice of two 6x6” books, each featuring 16 original designs. We also offer as a selection of designer tags.  

Spectrum Noir Metallic Pencils come as a tin of 12 colours.